I've created a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to learn the powerful editing and creative tools of Photoshop for their post-processing workflow. 

My guide will take you from a beginner to an advanced image editor in no time!

Learning how to edit your photos in Photoshop is a lot of work, but very rewarding. Photoshop is without a doubt the most powerful photo editing tool out there, and while this is what can make or break your work, it can also be extremely daunting to learn. Sure, there's loads of free information on the web, and being self-taught myself, I can say it is possible to learn by spending hours upon hours doing your own research.

However, if you feel that your knowledge has holes, you're finding it difficult to get all the information, or you simply don't want to waste your time by learning on your own, my courses are here to help.

I've taken my extensive knowledge of Photoshop and put what I know into a comprehensive guide with you - the outdoor, landscape, and wildlife photographer - in mind. My Fundamentals of Photoshop guide is for beginners, intermediates, and even experts who are looking to take their post-processing workflow to the next level. My goal is to make your time as a photographer as enjoyable as possible by giving you the skills to make you excited to take those photos from your camera to the computer, and into the piece of art you envisioned.

Samples from the course

Course Curriculum (10+ hours of content!)

Getting Started

1. Intro to Photoshop

2. Preferences, Settings, and Optimization

3. Setting up your Workspace

4. Open Images in Photoshop

5. Open Images Using Lightroom

6. Saving and Closing Images


7. Intro to Tools

8. Brush Tool

9. Move Tool

10. Crop Tool


11. Layers

12. Layers Masks

13. Selections

14. Using Selections with Masks Pt. 1

15. Using Selections with Masks Pt. 2



16. Intro to Adjustments

17. Brightness and Contrast

18. Levels

19. Curves

20. Exposure

21. Vibrance

22. Hue and Saturation

23. Color Balance

24. Selective Color

25. Black and White

26. Blending Modes

27. Solid Color and Photo Filter

26. Smart Objects Pt. 1

27. Smart Objects Pt. 2


30. Intro to Filters

31. Camera RAW Filter

32. Adaptive Wide Angle Filter

33. Gaussian and Motion Blur Filters

34. Lens Blur Filter

35. Sharpening Filters

36. Noise Reduction Filters

Other Actions

37. Shadows and Highlights

38. Dodge and Burn

39. Healing and Cloning

40. Transformations, Perspective, and Warping

Workflow and Output

41. Intro to Workflow

42. RAW Workflow

43. RAW Filters

44. Non-destructive Workflow

45. Workflow Example #1

46. Workflow Example #2

47. Workflow Example #3

48. Extensions

49. Saving the Master File

50. Creating Images for the Web/Social Media

51. Creating Images for Print

52. End of Course

Frequently asked questions

I know a little about Photoshop, is this course for me?

We believe this course is best suited for beginners and intermediate level post-processors. Photographers or hobbyists that have an advanced knowledge of Photoshop may get some useful tips from this course, but it will definitely cater to those who sometimes feel overwhelmed by Photoshop and want to see a vast improvement in their final images!

How long will I have access to the course?

The videos are downloadable, so they are yours forever! You can watch them offline and as many times as you would like!

How many hours is the course?

The full course is nearly 10.5 hours long! While I could have spent hours upon hours talking about Photoshop, we feel confident that through 50+ videos you will have many new tricks up your sleeve when working on your images.

What version of Photoshop is recommended?

This course was recorded using the latest version of Photoshop CC, Adobe Camera RAW, and Lightroom. However, many of the old versions of Photoshop have the exact same controls, so if you are using CS5 or CS6, you will be able to follow along just fine.

What exactly will I learn?

Well....a lot! If you look above, you can see a breakdown of all the course's chapters. Some of the chapters are longer than others, but we spend as much time as we need to as we make sure you feel comfortable with each tool and understand it inside and out. While you may not end up using every feature of Photoshop we discuss, you will definitely use many of them!

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