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I offer private and customizable tours and workshops all over the world

Edith Creek is photographed underneath Mt. Rainier at sunset on Chase Dekker's private tour.

Experience a unique trip

Experiences are unique to each individual person. That's why we offer private tours that are easily customizable to what you want to see and do, with some help along the way. No trip is ever the same twice, because the moments you create can never be reproduced. With over ten years of experience creating dream vacations, we can ensure a trip of a lifetime.  

Two fox kits are photographed in a flowery meadow on Chase Dekker's private tour.

Let us take care of you

We want to make your special trip as easy-going as possible for you. We will work closely with you to understand exactly what you're looking for in your trip, and then we will do all the leg work for you. We will book your flights, hotels, and be your guide through every step of the way. We take any pressures off you to allow you to take in the splendor, be inspired, and travel worry-free.

we could never have planned a trip like this alone!

Cathy Smith, CA

A group is photographed underneath the Aurora Borealis on Chase Dekker's private tour.

Expert knowledge

Part of the fun of having Chase as your guide is getting his expertise with it. Chase has vast knowledge on most animals and locations in the world, and you won't experience a dull moment with him along the way. From the high Arctic to Africa, Chase's dedication knows no bounds. He will ensure you receive the best experience to offer, and won't stop until you do!

A mother humpback whale and her calf are photographed underwater on Chase Dekker's private tour.

Guided photography workshop

Chase Dekker's tours would not be complete without him sharing his expertise in photography. Whether you're interested in learning more about your camera or trying to find the best shot, Chase will find countless subjects for you to shoot. Chase will also teach you a little about his philosophy in photography, and breaking out of the mold of traditional "rules". 

Tell us more about yourself and we'll start you on your journey towards the perfect trip

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