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Image by James McKinven

Take your photography and photoshop skills to the next level! Book a private in-person or online lesson with Chase today! 



I offer private and customizable tours and workshops all over the world! Where do you want to go?



WHEN: Now booking for January-April 2025!
WHERE: San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico

Come with Chase on an incredible journey to Baja California where you will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to come face to face with gray whales. No where on earth do whales approach the boat in such a friendly manner allowing you to play and even pet them!

A herd of elephants are photographed in Kenya on Chase Dekker's Africa workshop.

WHEN: January 9th-23rd, 2025 NOW BOOKING!

Come along with Chase on an ultimate African safari. This is as private as private can be as 4-8 guests will join Chase on a luxury two week safari through the wilds of Kenya. This is an incredible opportunity to photograph and watch elephants under Kilimanjaro, lions hunting in the Mara, and so much more!


WHENJanuary 24th-February 4th, 2025 NOW BOOKING!

Embark on what Chase calls, "The single greatest wildlife experience on the planet" as you trek into the heart of the African continent with wild mountain gorillas. Nothing can compare to the feeling of entering the realm of these magnificent creatures as you'll encounter them on their level, sometimes within arms reach. Beyond gorillas, you will also encounter wild chimps, elephants, lions, and more!


WHEN: Spring 2025 dates will be released soon!

Join Chase on his first ever expedition to the far reaches of South America to walk among one of North America's big cats, the puma. During the late autumn season in Patagonia, the crowds leave and colors have their last stand as winter quickly approaches, but that doesn't stop the pumas.This is an incredible time to visit the region as you will have the chance to photograph pumas in both colorful and snowy conditions, depending on the weather. 

A humpback mother and calf whale are photographed on Chase Dekker's Tonga workshop.

Come along on one of the world's greatest wildlife experiences as Chase heads to the South Pacific to swim with humpback whales. The Kingdom of Tonga is considered to be the best place to swim with these gentle giants as you'll slip into shallow tropical waters alongside them. This is for any whale or wildlife lover, not just photographers!

The Teton range is photographed from Schwabacher's Landing on Chase Dekker's Grand Teton photography workshop.

WHEN: September 20th-25th, 2024 NOW BOOKING!

Join Chase on an expedition through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park in the peak of the autumn season. Days will be spent searching for wildlife, which should be at their largest and most beautiful this time of year, as well as stunning landscapes that only the Rocky Mountains could offer.


WHEN: April 17th, 21st, 26th, 29th & May 2nd, 5th, 17th 2024
WHERE: Moss Landing, California

Come join Chase for a 5-9 (season dependent) hour sunrise or sunset photography tour as we'll search for whales, orcas, dolphins, sharks, birds, and more in Monterey Bay! Workshops offered in April & May and then again from August-November.


WHEN: June 10th & June 28th, 2024
WHERE: Moss Landing, California

Come aboard with Chase on the Sanctuary for a 5-hour tour to find great white sharks in their natural habitat. On this extended tour, we will venture north along our coast to a protected cove where the sharks come to rest and relax. In these shallow waters, we will have an excellent chance to see multiple sharks, right at the surface! 

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