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The Teton range is photographed from Schwabacher's Landing on Chase Dekker's Grand Teton photography workshop.

WHEN: September 18-23rd, 2023 (private option available during this period of after dates) 
COST: $1,895 per person
GROUP SIZE: 3-4 people

Join me on an expedition through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park in the peak of the autumn season. Days will be spent searching for wildlife, which should be at their largest and most beautiful this time of year, as well as stunning landscapes that only the Rocky Mountains could offer. We will look for and observe many species of North American wildlife preparing for the winter season, such as moose, bison, elk, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, and much more!

On top of the wildlife, we will take in and enjoy the splendor of autumn in the mountains as the aspens and cottonwoods take on a golden hue and the Tetons get their first dusting of snow. Even though this safari is focused on photography, it will also be about gaining a deeper knowledge for wildlife and scenery . So even if you are not a photographer, you will have a fantastic time making lifelong memories! This is the the single best time to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park! 


  • 14+ years of experience out in the wild with a wide-variety of wildlife

  • Small group size to make sure you get a lot of one-on-one instruction and information

  • Degrees in both Organismal Biology and Zoology to give up to date information about the wildlife we encounter

  • Deep knowledge and experience with guiding and photographing in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

  • Knowledge of many secret wildlife locations that the normal tourist would not know

  • Thorough understanding of geology, history, and ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

  • Advanced knowledge of cameras and how to further your photography skills in the field

  • I'll let my photos from Grand Teton and Yellowstone do all the talking!


The Grand Prismatic Spring's explosive colors are photographed on Chase Dekker's Grand Teton workshop.

What you can expect on this trip:

  • Spotting moose, elk, grizzly and black bears, bison, and more!

  • Witnessing sunrises and sunsets over the Teton Range

  • Exploring the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park

  • Visiting iconic scenes such as Schwabacher's Landing, Mormon Row, and Oxbow Bend

  • Photographing stunning fall colors of the Rocky Mountains

  • Looking for smaller, more elusive wildlife, such as pine martens, owls, foxes, and more!



  • 4 full days of photography and wildlife safaris

  • Unlimited instruction and information about the parks, wildlife, and photography

  • Some meals (mostly breakfast and lunch)

  • Post-processing lessons using Adobe Photoshop and RAW

  • Transportation within the parks


  • Transportation to and from Jackson Hole

  • Lodging

  • Optional Activities (e.g. rafting, fishing, etc.)

  • Some meals (mostly dinners)

  • Beverages

  • Park fees 

  • Trip Insurance (recommended)


  • DSLR camera body

  • Wide angle lens (e.g. 16-35,mm 24-70mm, etc. Mostly used for landscapes)

  • Mid range lens (70-200mm)

  • Telephoto lens (300mm+)

  • Flash

  • Tripod

  • Polarizing filter

  • UV filter

  • Camera bag capable of carrying gear and daily necessities


I will be staying at The Wyoming Inn, which is right in the heart of downtown Jackson. The inn is located right along US 89 and has tastefully decorated rooms with all the modern amenities that one would expect from an upscale hotel.


Where you stay is completely up to you. I would rather keep the cost of the workshop smaller in case you find cheaper lodging or have a different taste. I can recommend many other lodges within the Jackson Hole area. If you choose to stay either in Teton Village (ski resort), you will be asked to have your own transportation to meet the grou every morning.


Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) has daily nonstop flights to Salt Lake City (SLC) and Denver (DEN) airports. There are also nonstop flights from Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Newark, and more. If flights into Jackson are full or too expensive, you can fly into Salt Lake City and either drive yourself or take a shuttle. The drive time is around 5 hours.

Once in Jackson Hole, we will be using a full-size SUV to navigate through the Wyoming backcountry and national parks.


With wide-open windows, comfortable seating, A/C and heating, it will be the perfect mode of transport to carry us around the wilderness.


We will have snacks such as granola bars and fruit every morning. Most hotels, including the Rustic Inn, generally offer a complimentary breakfast.


Some lunches and dinners will be included while others will be at your leisure through the many excellent restaurants located in town.


During the safaris, some snacks will be provided, but you are always encouraged to bring your own if you have a particular favorite!

Animals with an ( * ) are highly likely to be found

  • Bison*

  • Elk*

  • Mule Deer*

  • Moose*

  • Grizzly Bear

  • Black Bear*

  • American Beaver

  • Coyote*

  • Pronghorn Antelope*

  • Great Gray Owl

  • Bald Eagle

  • Common Raven*

  • Mountain Goat

  • Trumpeter Swan*

  • Red-Tailed Hawk*

  • Ruffled Grouse*

  • Blue Grouse*

  • Common Merganser*

  • Barrow's Goldeneye

  • Osprey*

  • White-Tailed Deer

  • Red Fox

  • Gray Wolf

  • River Otter

  • Porcupine

  • ​​Sandhill Crane*

  • Great Horned Owl

  • Long Eared Owl

  • Western Tanager

  • Sage Grouse*

  • Pine Marten

  • Big Horn Sheep

Photos taken on this workshop


We will meet every morning (in lobby or pick-up at other hotel) at 5:30AM to head out for some early morning photography and wildlife watching. After a 4-5 hour morning game drive we will return to town where we will eat breakfast, relax, and go over some post-processing techniques while reviewing our images (always optional and sometimes done after dinner).


Most of the afternoon will be spent at your leisure enjoying town, shopping, and relaxing as we will all need some much needed rest after an early morning. We will meet back up at around 1:30-3:00PM to head back out into the parks to find more wildlife and to watch the sunset.


We will return to town around 7:30-8:00PM where you will have the chance to have dinner either as a group or on your own. 



Other activities include:


  • Going to Yellowstone National Park at least one day to witness it's geological features. This day will be a full-day tour lasting 10-12 hours depending on the day's conditions and wildlife sightings. This will be a good chance to find gray wolves (based on the group decision, Yellowstone can be done twice).


  • One afternoon/evening may be spent heading to Togwotee Pass and Brooks Lake. These areas lie outside Grand Teton National Park and are home to many grizzly bears, moose, and the largest wolf pack in the lower 48 states. 


When I receive your registration information, I will respond within 24 hours with a registration packet and more information. Once the deposit is paid for, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver. The remaining amount for the safari must be paid in full 30 days prior to your departure. Tour fees can be paid through PayPal and will be asked to cover the 2.9% PayPal fee. 

If you wish to speak to me directly, feel free to call: (425) 301-1757, or email:

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