WHEN: July 27 - August, 1, 2022
WHERE: Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico

COST: $2895 - 3195 per person (depending on stateroom selection)
GROUP SIZE: 16 - 18 people 

Join me onboard the Nautilus Under Sea as we embark to Guadalupe Island, Mexico to cage dive with great white sharks! On this epic voyage, we will depart out of Ensenada on a luxury liveaboard vessel as we make our way towards the famed great white shark cage diving grounds. Once we arrive, we will have 3 full days of unlimited cage diving where we expect to see anywhere from 25-50 different individual great white sharks during our stay. With crystal clear waters, warm surface temperatures, and more wildlife encounters than you can imagine, this is truly the trip of a lifetime.  


  • 16+ years of experience out in the wild with a wide-variety of wildlife.

  • Small group size to make sure you get a lot of one-on-one instruction and information and loads of time with the wildlife.

  • Degrees in both Organismal Biology and Zoology to give up to date information about the wildlife we encounter.

  • Years of experience with great white sharks, their behaviors, and tips for photographing them.

  • Advanced knowledge of cameras and how to further your photography skills in the field.

  • With a deep background in the travel and wildlife adventure industry, I am here solely to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. 



What you can expect on this trip:

  • Unlimited cage diving! From sunrise to sunset (~6:30AM-6:30PM) you will be able to jump in the cages as much as you'd like!

  • Multiple encounters with great white sharks ranging in size from 10-20 feet.

  • Feeling the adrenaline pump through your body as a shark swims right by you!

  • Excellent and luxurious accommodations aboard one of the world's nicest liveaboard vessels, the Nautilus Undersea

  • Private photo instruction to ensure you capture the best images imaginable with daily photo reviews and image editing sessions.

  • Onboard chefs to make you wonderful meals, anytime of day.​ Plenty of drinks as well!

  • Having the chance to jump in a submersible cage to drop 30 feet below the surface for a different perspective (must be scuba certified).

  • Being able to relax in the hot-tub on the top deck while watching great white sharks swim below. 



  • 5 nights, 6 days with 3 full days of cage diving (2 nights for coming and going to the island)

  • Accommodation aboard the Nautilus Undersea

  • All on-board meals and non-alcoholic drinks 

  • Post-processing lessons using Adobe Photoshop and RAW

  • Transportation to and from Ensenada from San Diego (if you choose this option)

  • Park Fees and permits


  • Flights to and from San Diego, USA/Ensenada, BC, Mexico

  • Tipping (liveaboard vessel crew)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Diving rentals and WiFI (can be reserved in advance, more info below)

  • Hotel accommodation in San Diego or Ensenada the night before the trip (can be arranged)

  • Trip/Dive Insurance (required by liveaboard)


  • Dive mask

  • 1-3mm wetsuit (can be reserved in advance if you do not have one)

  • Dive boots/gloves (can also be reserved in advance)

  • DSLR camera body

  • Wide angle lens (e.g. 16-35,mm 24-70mm, etc. Best for underwater)

  • Mid range lens (70-200mm, best for above surface action)

  • Underwater housing

  • GoPro or action camera

  • Flash/Strobes (not necessarily needed, but useful for submersible cages)

  • Polarizing filter

  • UV filter

  • Camera bag capable of carrying gear and daily necessities


Guadalupe Island sits approximately 160 miles west of Baja California, out in the Pacific Ocean. We will be embarking out of Ensenada, which will take us 215 miles to reach the sheltered northeast corner of the island where we will spend the next few days with the sharks.


For this trip we will be departing out of Ensenada, but there is the option to meet in San Diego and take a chartered bus over the border to the liveaboard. We recommend the San Diego option (that's what Chase will be doing), but if you choose to go straight to Ensenada before, that is fine! Here are our recommendations for hotels in San Diego and Ensenada:

Four Points Sheraton (San Diego): This hotel sits right next to the San Diego airport, making it an easy option to spend the night before we leave for Mexico the next day. The chartered bus will be picking us up from this hotel to take us across the border for our liveaboard trip.

Hotel Coral (Ensenada)If you choose to head to Ensenada before the trip, this is an excellent option. Once we are dropped off from San Diego, we will have time to relax at this hotel before boarding the liveaboard.


We recommend flying into San Diego the day before we depart. San Diego airport has nonstop service to many destinations across the US. Alternatively you can fly into LAX, 2 hours to the north and drive down to San Diego. For assistance with flights, please contact us.

Once in San Diego, we will have a chartered bus to pick us up and take us across the border in Mexico. No cars are required for this trip, but if you choose to rent your own car and drive yourself, please let us know in advance. 


Meals will be provided on the liveaboard by an onboard chef. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served while aboard with other snacks throughout the day being offered. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance so the chef and crew can plan accordingly.

While in Ensenada the afternoon before boarding, we highly recommend eating at either Hotel Coral or a local restaurant. The liveaboard will not depart until 9:30PM, so dinner will not be served the first night aboard the vessel. 


The Nautilus Undersea is the perfect vessel for a cage diving trip. Recently upgraded and refurbished, this 105-foot liveaboard comes equipped with a new super structure, extended sun deck, new stabilizers, and an overall sleek and easy-to-navigate design.

The Nautilus Undersea is fitted with 6 standard staterooms, 1 triple stateroom, 1 ADA approved stateroom, and 1 premium suite. Each stateroom comes with some storage space and a private ensuite bathroom with a flush toilet, sink, and shower. 

While onboard, you can relax in the privacy of your stateroom, or relax outside on the sun deck soaking in the fresh air while having a drink. On the main dive deck, we will have an entire section dedicated to our dive and camera gear. Adjacent to this space inside, there is a lounge and some dining tables for when you want to work on some images and videos while enjoying some food. Don't forget about the hot tub on the top deck! What better way to warm up after hours of diving with a warm soak! 

Shuffle through the photos below to get better acquainted with the vessel for this shark trip!


Tuesday, July 26th: Arrive into San Diego and check-in to your hotel. Alternatively, head directly to Ensenada on your own.


Wednesday, July 27th: Wake up and enjoy breakfast before getting picked up from San Diego in our chartered bus. Drive across the border into Mexico and spend the afternoon relaxing in Ensenada before boarding the liveaboard in the evening. Get comfortable in your stateroom and relax with others onboard as we set sail for Guadalupe Island around 9:30PM.

Thursday, July 28th: Spend the majority of the day cruising across the Pacific en route to Guadalupe Island. The voyage takes roughly 18-21 hours depending on the weather, but we should expect to arrive in Guadalupe around 5:00-7:00PM this evening. During the day, we will discuss the next few days of shark diving, go over some photo tips, get our cameras and dive gear prepared, and enjoy some food! We will also keep a sharp eye open for wildlife along the way such as whales, dolphins, rays, sharks, birds, and more.


Friday, July 29th-July 31st: As the sun rises, the cages will be dropped in the water, and the fun begins! Sometimes it may only take a few minutes for the sharks to come around, others it may take a couple hours. Because we are there during the high season, we expect the sharks to show up rather quickly as there will be so many around. Spend the entire day getting in and out of the cages as much as you'd like while enjoying some down time to rest, eat, sit in the hot-tub, and look over a few photos and videos. As the sun goes down the cages are pulled up the night, enjoy a freshly prepared dinner inside reminiscing about all the incredible great white shark encounters you just had.

On the night of the 30th, we will pack up the cages around 5:30PM and begin our voyage back to the mainland.

Saturday, August 1st: We will arrive back in Ensenada around 2:00PM where we will be taken back to our chartered bus and driven back across the border to San Diego. Depending on flight availability, either fly back home this evening, or spend the night in San Diego and fly out the next day (or whenever you'd like!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see sharks?

Of course! While the sharks are virtually guaranteed (99.9% odds), it is nature and there's always the chance something could go awry. However, there has only been one shark trip to Guadalupe in the history of cage diving there where sharks were not seen. Because we are there during the high season, we believe we have a more than excellent chance to see double digit sharks every day.

Is there WiFi onboard?

Providing internet access in open ocean is no easy task. Wi-Fi is available for a flat fee of $100.00 USD per device, per trip. Please note it will be slower than what you are used to onshore. It is not possible to download high resolution images, stream, or connect to social media, but it is perfect for WhatsApp and emails.

How many dives a day do I get?

You will have virtually unlimited time in the surface cages, keeping in mind it might be a bit busy on the first morning as everyone will be excited. By the second day, many passengers are not hurrying to get in the cage, so the cages are usually open and free all the time. Certified divers will have the opportunity of three dives per day in the submersible cages, sometimes more. With over 12 hours of possible dive time a day, you will have more time than you can use to be in the water with the sharks!

How many passengers will be aboard?

We will be on the Nautilus Undersea, which can accomodate up to 18 passengers. We believe with our single occupancy reservations, there will be closer to 14-16 passengers aboard, ensuring you get more time in the cage and more time with Chase and the crew to ask questions and get camera help.

How many cages does our vessel have?

The Nautilus Undersea has three cages. One cage will be a permanent surface cage, while the other two can be used to go deeper. If no one is diving deep, those 2 cages will be at the surface as well. At any one time, we can have 10-12 people in the cages, so wait times to get in will usually be incredibly short or completely non-existant, especially after the first morning.

Why go in July?

We believe (as do many other shark divers) that July and August are the best months to go as that's when more sharks are in Guadalupe. The sharks begin to show up to the island during the end of spring and by July the sharking is in full swing. We mostly expect to see males who can be quite rowdy and approach the cages more than the females, who generally show up in larger numbers in August. By fall, the shark numbers are much lower, but the large females show up. This is a great time to see huge sharks, but they tend be more stand-offish and with less sunlight, there is less time in the day to be in the water. We feel confident that late July is the optimal time to visit!

What is the weather like when we are in Guadalupe?

The days should be quite nice in summer with highs in the 70's to mid 80's and nights dropping down into the high 50's to mid 60's. The water is generally quite calm near the island, as it is sheltered from the westward winds and swell.

What will the water temperature be?

During the end of July, the water temp should be between 68-72 degrees (F). The water is not cold, but it is not incredibly warm either. It is quite comfortable on a warm day in a thin wetsuit. If you go for a dive and need to warm your core, go jump in the hot-tub on the top deck!

Can I travel by myself?

Absolutely! If you choose to travel alone, we will pair you up with a stateroom mate of the same gender. If you would prefer to have the stateroom to yourself, there is a 25% surcharge to the per person rate.

Do I need a passport or visa?

Since this trip is in Mexico, you definitely need to have a valid passport with at least 6 months before the expiration. Visa requirements vary from county to country, but if you are traveling across the border on the chartered bus from San Diego, we will obtain them at the crossing.

When I receive your registration information, I will respond within 24 hours with a registration packet and more information. Once the deposit is paid for, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver. The remaining amount for the safari must be paid in full 30 days prior to your departure. Tour fees can be paid through PayPal and will be asked to cover the 2.9% PayPal fee. 

If you wish to speak to me directly, feel free to call: (425) 301-1757, or email: