Best Whale Watching Spots Across the Globe

A humpback whale dives showing it's enormous fluke in Monterey Bay. Photographed by Chase Dekker.

As a person who has spent most of his life along the water, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to watch marine life. Growing up in Monterey, California, I was immediately introduced to the world of whales as they migrated and fed in the bay. Beyond the whales I have had in my watery backyard, I have traveled across the globe in search of different cetacean species and have had good to great encounters during my time. I get asked all the time where the best spots to watch whales are and when to go, so below is a list of the best places I think one could go to find the largest group of animals on our planet. While I have not been to every location, I have heard accounts and have researched them enough to make my choices.

Monterey Bay, California, USA

I am trying not to be biased here, but it is nearly impossible to not include Monterey on a list of the best whale watching destinations. Monterey is home to more marine mammal specie