Photo of the Week: Return of the Whales

A humpback whale breaches in Monterey Bay, photographed by Chase Dekker.

The whales are back! It was a tough winter here in California, as far as whale watching goes. The rough seas, torrential rains, and bitter winds made finding whales difficult, especially since many decided to head south for warmer seas. Even though they were slow to return, I am thrilled to see them coming back into Monterey Bay in bigger and bigger numbers. Over the last few weeks, we have been seeing between 10-35 humpback whales per trip as they move around the bay and search the central coast for the best feeding zones.

We have also seen more killer whales as the transients (mammal-eating) are beginning to scout the bay for the migrating mother and calf gray whale pairs. The orca season usually ramps up around April 10th, so hopefully, in a week the black and whites will be putting on quite the show. Of course, the southern resident killer whales made the headlines over the past weekend as they showed up in th