Tales from the Field: A Journey Through the Alps of Switzerland

By: Hanna Glafke

If ever you wish to see a more fairytale-esque location, Switzerland is it. Walt Disney used many locations throughout Switzerland to find inspirations for his movies, his parks, and to personally enjoy. I had never been to Switzerland, but after visiting the Matterhorn at Disneyland and having Chase rave about his first visit there, I knew it would not be long before I visited the Alps.

Chase and I were journeying together, and since we wanted to get the most out of our visit we decided ten days in the Swiss Alps would be perfect. Five nights in Wengen (pronounced Vengen), four nights in Zermatt. We planned on staying a quiet chalet in the alpine village of Wengen, which is located right in the heart of the Jungfrau Region. Wengen was the perfect village as it’s not as touristy as Interlaken, but not as small as say, Mürren, or Gimmelwald. Before each trip Chase likes to prepare to almost the last detail. I know a lot of travel blogs tell you to just go and not think, but we like to be prepared, have a place planned out for the night, and most importantly for the Jungfrau region, have transportation figured out.

Here’s a great travel tip if you’ll be in the Jungfrau Region: get the Swiss Pass! It’s a train pass that costs about $350 per person (we chose the 8 day Flex Pass), depending on your age. I watched a woman shell out 80 francs for a one way ticket from Interlaken to Wengen (about 10 miles). If we did that our transportation alone would have cost us over $1000 each, as we were traveling by train multiple times a day. Another added benefit of obtaining a Swiss Pass is that many lifts (gondolas, funiculars, etc.) are 25%-75% with the Pass in hand. Do some calculations before and decide what you will be doing and where you will be going, but more than likely you will want to get a pas